Friday, 13 September 2019

21st century depressed man's poem.

Fuck your government, your rigged elections, your taxes, your revolutions, your wars, your terrorism, your police force and your military, violence is golden only when done by the state's just hand. Fuck your sense of security.

Fuck your banks, your money, your mortgage and credit cards. Your rat race and the need for luxury. Fuck your false sense of freedom.

Fuck your society. Your -isms and your -phobias. Your political correctness and censorship. Your counterfeit heroes and your beauty standards, fuck the regurgitation you call pop music and mainstream media, your friends and your precious trends. Fuck your imposed ways of life.

Fuck your parties, the alcohol and drug abuse, your weddings, senseless procreation, overpopulation and burials.

Fuck your fucking clubs. Your gatherings, your churches, temples, religions and sects. Your prophets, cult leaders, life coaches and your entertainment.

Fuck your fake world. Your fake hair color, fake nails, fake tan, fake boobs and your fake smile. Everything about you is fake. Fuck your fat ass, your sedentary lifestyle and your plastic surgeon.

Fuck your monuments of trash. Fuck your everyday waste. Fuck your children and your lifetime of stains. Fuck your psychiatrists and the drugs that they prescribe to make us numb.

Fuck your social media, your feed of bullshit and waste of your own time. You are a disgrace to your kind - betrayers of self.

Fuck my inability to change any of this or at least withdraw from it. Stuck in a life trap molded by actions of no one other than me.

I am the architect of my own madness.