Saturday, 20 February 2016

Swedish sludge/doom/psychedelia gods

If you are one of those unlucky bastards like me, then you probably have never heard of a gang of masterminds called "SUMA" before. I've found out about these Swedish sludge/doom/psychedelia GODS only in the end of the previous week, when I came accross the digital bandcamp collection of a fan that goes by the moniker of "thegreatnausea". Check out his tumblr page as well - the guy apparently is a music journalist and has a pretty decent taste when it comes to music.

The band is very versatile in its sound. If you will listen to all of their releases in the chronological order, you will actually hear, that they are constantly evolving, trying to break the barriers of the sub-genres, experimenting with their sound and tones as well as with their soundscapes and vocals. A few things that stay consistent from record to record, is that most of their songs have the ability to take you into a trance like state and all of their full lengths, splits and EP's have muffled, a bit of a lo-fi production quality of a demo tape, which makes the records sound eargasmic* to me. As for the reference of the production quality, think of "EYEHATEGOD's" "Take as needed from pain" and "Electric Wizard's" "Dopethrone".

This band has a substantial amount of releases, so let me at least cover the full lengths.

Self titled

Unlike their sludgy works in their earlier splits, this record traverses more into stoner doom and even desert territory. It is filled with superb riffs, mind-blowing psychedelic guitar solos, which are just all over the place, "Kyuss" like deserty (I'm pretty sure that is not even a word, but who cares) vibes and outstanding "Sasquatch" like vocals. "Pale rider" is definitely something you would listen to while riding your Harley across the desert. A bad-ass recording.

Let the churches burn 

A much more refined, a lot sludgier and doomier version of their previous endeavour. "Electric Wizard" and "EYEHATEGOD" influences can be heard, but these guys take it to an absolutely new level. If sky is the limit, then this album is on the surface of the Moon!


The band have returned to their heavier roots and they sound a lot like what can be heard on their earlier splits, but the drum work is much scarcer, primal and a lot more powerful. Soundscapes are way more atmospheric, and, I swear to gods, when you listen to it, you have no idea, how many people are in this band - it is layered with such a precision, that the noise they make and the raw power output is absolutely ridiculous!

This LP goes straight to my hall of fame of records. If it is too slow and heavy for you, you are probably too young!

Other splits and EP's

I didn't have the chance to get a hold of their demo cd, so I have no opinion about it other than you should definitely check it out!

Try getting a hold of their compilation of splits and EP's called "You're such a disappointment" - it is very good, but too bad it is sold out. 

For some reason bandcamp page of "Tartarus Records" is currently offline, so here is the youtube link instead:

Previously this compilation was located here.

Although all the splits are sold out, you can still buy a few of the digital versions of the splits here:

Now go and buy their music, merch, visit their shows and support these extraordinary men!

* For those of you who are a bit on the slower side of understanding spectrum, let me explain - it is when you experience an orgasm as the result of phenomenal music penetrating the g-spot in your ear canal just next to your eardrum. It is also scientifically proven and anatomically correct!

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