Saturday, 27 February 2016

The earth wants us dead

February has been very successful for me, when it comes to music. Finding bands that don't suck takes a lot of time and effort and is pretty damn hard. Although I do not believe in any divine intervention, magic or faith, I must say, that to discover something really good, you have to be very lucky, and the planets have to be aligned in some exact magical formation - luckily discovering music nowadays is much easier than it was 10 years ago, and I have to thank Bandcamp for that. 

Anyhow, besides accidentally finding Swedish sludge masterminds "Suma" (see my post on these guys here), I came across a band from New Haven, Connecticut, USA that go by the name of "Sea of Bones". The band have released 1 EP and 2 full length albums - "Grave of the mammoth", "The Harvest" and "The Earth Wants Us Dead". All of these releases deserve to be noticed, but one of them stands out the most for me, as it quite possibly could be one of the best things I've ever heard. "The Earth Wants Us Dead" is an album, that is worthy to be placed next to the mighty "Given to the rising" by "Neurosis" in your music collection. Muddy fuzz tones and some of the largest guitar and bass riffs of this century, since the heaviest band on the planet - "Buried at sea" released "Migration", are accompanied with primal drumming that of a fashion of "Neurosis", and all of this is wrapped into a neat package of psychedelic soundscapes.

The album starts aggressively and keeps pounding you like a three dollar hooker up until the track #3. On the track #4 things start changing, and the music begins to get more atmospheric and less crushing. Track #5 - "The Bridge" is the culmination of the whole story told by this admirable album and is also my favorite song on the record. That said, it can not be taken out from the context and listened to on its own, because all of the songs building to this track MATTER. After the musical climax, that "The Bridge" has delivered, an almost ambient final reveal track takes you on a 39 minute long psychedelic relaxation journey. Once the track finished playing, I felt complete and maybe even at peace.

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