Saturday, 20 February 2016

Upcoming album by Polacks "Sunnata"

In case if you didn't know, "Sunnata" has announced the upcoming release of their second full length album "Zorya". It will see the light of this fucked up world on April 11, 2016 and it is available for the pre-order on their bandcamp page.

Here is the title track from their upcoming album, which I must say is rock solid, has interesting twists to it and some vague "Yob" influences. 

But let us not be too hasty with the pre-ordering, because we all know, what we can possibly get, when we pre-order stuff...

Meanwhile, if you want to support the band, and not get a dick in a mouth, listen and buy their previous work - "Climbing the colossus". If it is your first time hearing about it, then you have missed out one of the truly great records that Poland has given to the world. It has it all - DIY production, the walls of heavy ass fuzz, not your every day doom riffs, weirdly processed vocals and epic atmospheres. And by "epic", I assure you that I don't mean that fucked up shit slang kids use nowadays. You know, along the lines of "SHwag" and other pointless crap. By "EPIC" I mean a word with a "War of Titans" ring to it, a mammoth of a record, destroyer of the colossus, slayer of the gods... you get the idea.

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