Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Claustrophobia and the most artistic hardcore punk band you've never heard of...

So I'm in my claustrophobic "Smarthotel" room in the Norwegian capital once again. And when I say claustrophobic I mean it - the room consists of a bed, a corridor and a shitter/shower closet. Yes, I used the word "closet" intentionally in the previous sentence, and you guessed it, it is because it is as small as a closet... Actually even my closet back home in my apartment is bigger. In fact it is so big, that I can come out of the closet every morning...no homo.

The hotel's room plus the latrine will definitely not make more than 8 square meters combined, which for you readers, who refuse to embrace the metric system and are more into using the imperial system, would be somewhere between 3 square barrels per ounce of Kelvin and 5 cubic kennings. 

The sink is so small that most of the water you pour on your hands gets unto your pants and floor. This made brushing teeth in the mornings of my first few stays a huge hemorhoidal pain in the ass. The mirror in the bathroom is also very strategically placed - it is just accross from the toilet bowl and it starts just right at your eye level. Apparently so that, when you take a huge dump in the morning, you can notice your purple, strained face in the mirror's reflection, and empty your bowels with an explosive force, as the result of bursting into uncontrolled laughs and farting. It is quite comical I must say, so whoever thought of this, I salute you! 

Although I whine about, how small the the place is, I always keep returning back to the same place over and over again. Mainly because it is:

  • cheap,
  • warm, 
  • in a relatively quiet street, although it is in the city centre
  • has a decent breakfast, and I can eat as much as I want,
  • public transportation is really close,
  • and whenever I look outside my window, I don't see two junkie bums fighting over a half-eaten sausage and yelling some gibberish at each other.

As I've started talking about the small things, let me tell you a legend about a band that comes from a tiny European country of Luxembourg.

dEFDUMp was started by 4 visionaries, who in the retrospective had the greatest influence on my musical upbringing and development of my musical taste to this day, period! I've got introduced to the art of this band by an old friend of mine Jānis, whom we all called Jonathan back in the day as he resembled Jonathan Davis of Korn a bit. And when we were fourteen or fifteen Korn was the shit. Every "cool" guy and gal at the school listened to Korn or Slipknot and only a few guys knew of the good stuff, the stuff that was hidden from the sight of the ignorant. And even though I listened to some relatively good stuff like Nirvana, Tool and Pantera, and as much as I don't wish to admit it, I did belong to the ignorant ones (there was even time when I was pretending to listen to "rap" music and dress accordingly just to "fit" in with the other kids...that was the lowest of lows...). Jānis on the other hand was one of those rare people about whose musical taste I knew Jack Shit of. He listened to Cult of Luna, Callisto, Solaris, Tesa and dEFDUMp at the time, and I remember the first time I heard some of that stuff at his place. I was fucking amazed about how "heavy" it was compared to the things I was listening to. I'm very gratefull that he showed me some of this stuff, otherwise I would be listening to some gutterbox oompa loompa uhn tiss, uhn tiss up until now. Needless to say I fell in love with the sound of the band, and they became my portal into the unknown world of the "underground" music. If it wasn't for them and J. I would never end up in the sludge, doom, drone and even black metal domain and that would suck big time.

The band released quite a long list of albums, so I'll just name them and add my most reminiscent track from the release.


Not a fan of this release. It is completely different from their later works.

Circle's Closing


David Versus Corporate Society

The Sparkle Has Become a Flame

Shallowness of Beauty

This was a split with the Italian hardcore punk heavyweights Kafka.

Makeshift Polaris

This Is Forevermore

This was their last effort. I must say, that they stayed true up to 2008 and finished their carreer with style - the band released a double cd album, made a farewell tour, disbanded soon after and never showed up in the public again.

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