Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Drugged up and hopeless

It's that time of the year again and I've been listening to "EYEHATEGOD" nonstop for a week straight. Today I received two separate messages with the same album link from two dear friends of mine almost simultaneously. Their musical taste differs from mine a bit, but I thought to myself, that there is no way both of them could be wrong. So I clicked on the link and pushed the "play" button... and I'm glad I did. Unholy fucking shit - the production and the riffs! THE PRODUCTION and THE RIFFS! This was the exact thing I was crawing, something drugged up, hopeless but fresh. These Russians pull it off gracefully, and I assure you that the vocal parts are not done with the stereotypical Hollywood movie Russian accent. 

This album would be an insta-buy for me, if I wasn't so damn broke at the moment. So if you are into good music, then buy it and support the band, if not, then you have probably inherited shitty genes from your parents and there is nothing in the world I can do about it, blame your mom and/or dad.

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