Monday, 14 March 2016

Hangover / gagging / biblical execution

For me Saturday morning started with a racing heartbeat, headache and a massive hungover from the night of drinking before. I'm actually quite hammered writing this right now on the Sunday evening as well. In fact I was so fucked up, that when my cousin with whom I was drinking earlier today, asked me, what time is it, I looked at the clock and even though it showed 21:38, I said: "SEVEN"... That should give you a hint that my brain isn't even functioning quite well at the moment, and that is the reason I'll probably have to do some editing of this post tomorrow morning when I'll be sober again. Anyway after any type of high there is a huge low, and I usually deal with lows by using a small dose of the same high again and listening to some very loud, visceral music, and weekend's bands of choice were "o.d.r.a" and "Druid". These also happen to be one of the latest additions to my music collection.

The first one is an awesome sludgy blues metal band from Poland with the instrumentation in the fashion of dirt filled 90's New Orleans sludge and with the vocals that sound like gagging on rusty nails and bleach. Taking in consideration both my physical and emotional state at that moment, it was exactly what the doctor had prescribed. Give these guys a listen and check out their latest three releases - quite astonishing. Those of you, who love "Iron Monkey" and "Dopethrone", will quite possibly like these dudes as well.

The second one leans more towards the proto-metal side and is stonier than a biblical execution. The stuff these guys compose is absolutely rad and will definitely make you want to be closer to nature.

Besides I have to bow before them, because they did a splendid job covering Sleep's "Sonic Titan".

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