Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Transmissions from the mental facilty: industrial insanity from the musical geniuses.

"Industrial" is not my music of choice 99% of the time, but every now and then I stumble across or get introduced to an act that is worth pure gold.

"Corrections House" is a collective of musical geniuses: Scott Kelly, Mike IX Williams, Sanford Parker and Bruce Lamont. If you don't know, who any of these people are, then Google their names and find it out - to say that their combined impact on the music scene was very influential would most certainly be an understatement. 

I'm usually skeptic about the "supergroups", as most of the time they tend to be disappointing to say the least. Take the self titled album by "Killer be Killed" for an example - they had half a track out of an entire record that was decent enough, the rest of it was a total "mehfest". This is not the case with the "Corrections House". Mike's depressing and bizarre poetry and lyrics, Scott's unconventional guitar riffs, Sanford's musical experience and Bruce's haunting saxophone complement one another. There is also another man involved in the band, whose identity is somewhat mysterious. His name is Seward Fairbury and the band proclaimed him as their "Minister of Propaganda"! Fuck me, right, a killer position?! There is also very limited information about the guy on the internet besides a couple of articles mentioning him and his own personal twitter account, where the last tweet is more than a year old. To be honest, I think the guy probably does not even exist. It leaves the feeling, that he might be the same to the "Corrections House" as Tyler Durden was to the "Fight club", but again, this is just my exclusive opinion, and who am I to have an opinion about this matter. Anyhow, I'm way off track here... what matters is, that their music is amazing. It is collision of many different musical directions that form a surreal sound, absurd yet making perfect sense. It is a soundtrack to a self-destructive society, mental problems and substance abuse caused by an intelligent man's incompatibility with the reality of an irrational world.

While I'm at it, here are a few honoroble mentions, that share the same genre with the mentioned act:

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