Sunday, 17 April 2016

Go redskins!

Oppressive, brazen and grotesque - those are the three words, that describe the sound of Indian the best possible way. This band had popped up on my radar a few times in the past. I knew, that they were a big thing in the Chicago metal scene alongside Buried at Sea, but yet it never caught my eye or my ear for that matter. Some time ago I discovered Lord Mantis, and, as I was reading the description of their album "Death Mask" on bandcamp, it turned out, that besides involving the great Sanford Parker (the man is the production, engineering, mixing genius and a living legend) and Jef "Wrest" Whitehead (tattoo artist and a human orchestra in the black metal acts Leviathan and Lurker of Chalice), members of Indian were also involved in helping to craft that dreadful (in a good way) record. So one thing let to another and soon after I was listening to Indian's latest release - "From All Purity", and I was immediately blown away by it.

The band blends droning, monolithic, nearly hypnotic riffs, with black metal style vocals and intense, unsettling soundscapes. This is a recipe, that will drive an unstable or tripping person mental, and yet if you know me well enough, then you have already figured out, that this is my cup of tea, and the combination of these ingredients make me orgasm and squirt repeatedly. I don't remember myself head-banging so hard since my early twenties like I was, when I was listening to the tracks "Directional" and "Rhetoric of No". The drum sound is close to perfect on this record. Mr. Parker, I kneel before you for that! If you are interested more about, what I mean, when I talk about the proper drum sound, then here is a not so long video, where Gylve Nagell from the legendary Norwegian black metal band Darkthrone takes an in-depth tour on the subject.

I would suggest to you, my dear reader, not to just run through this album whilst skipping tracks and fast forwarding them, but instead free 50 minutes of your meaningless life, tell that annoying person next to you to fuck off for about an hour, put on your best headphones, max out the volume, lay back, close your eyes and emerge yourself into the nightmare, that Indian provides in the form of sound. 

Having acquired two of their latest releases, I just have to get my hands on the previous ones. Hopefully they're as good as their newest stuff.

Also this is not related, but the newest release "Silent Transmissions" by Sea of Bones is a piece of stinking pig shit, they've devalued themselves in my eyes releasing that crap... fuck recorded improvisations... fuck Böse!

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