Monday, 4 April 2016

Sticking one's dick into the hornet's hive

I've been browsing the virtual shelves of Profound Lore Records on bandcamp lately. It is the record label that brought Yob's Atma, Portal's Vexovoid, Menace Ruine's Venus Armata and other great records to metal fans all around the globe. After doing some extensive listening, I stumbled upon a band, that apparently was out there for quite a while now, but I had never noticed it before. So without the further ado let me introduce you to it.  

What do you get, when you take tubes from the notorious sunn amplifiers, Gorgoroth's Wound Upon Wound track's live bootleg tape, 6 full vials of semen, add a handful of graveyard dirt, crack whore's clotted menstruation blood, a couple of cloven hooves and blend it all up in a grinder on Friday the 13th while chanting necromancy spell of the ancient ones? The answer is Lord Mantis. Their sound is the very definition of evil. It is so ugly, that you will want to have a lengthy shower after listening to it. Forget about what you've heard before from the blackened sludge and black metal bands - Lord Mantis will eat those bands for breakfast, devour their insides while they're still alive, then regurgitate the remains and serve them back to its victims on a rusty platter.

The vocals sound vile, raw and hair-raising. The riffs vary from being slow and crushing to sounding like a swarm of furious Japanese hornets, that have been disturbed by an insane man dry-humping their hive (just check the riff @ 5:33 on the "Perverter of the will" from the album "Pervertor", and you will understand, what I'm talking about - it is completely insane). Occasional Dillingerian rhythmic patterns in the riffage keep things fresh and entertaining. The drummer doesn't seem to be possessed by the rabid Norwegian blast-beating demon and instead uses sophisticated patterns and complementary fills. He builds up the tension and then releases it masterfully. All of these ingredients are delivered with the ferocity that of a wounded ox - in other words this band sounds focken amazing and is a definite hall of famer!

I have a feeling, that April 29th will turn out just great this year, as not only I'm gonna meet a long time missed friend of mine, but also receive the new record by these sludgers.

Did I forget something? Oh yeah right... ALL HAIL LORD MANTIS!

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