Monday, 23 May 2016

The blasphemous trinity: Chaos / 6 grind albums that don't suck

"What makes good grind good, and bad grind bad?" you may ask. Well, it is a tricky question because grind as a genre is a complete and utter shit by its very definition, but as with every piece of shit there might be a few grains of corn that have passed through the particular scene's viscera intact containing at least some nutritional value. Meaning, some of us may still find something appealing in eating already "processed" food... If I set the metaphors aside, then good grind should have:

  • punk origins;
  • fun and distinctive riffs intertwined with crazy chaotic bursts of complete wtf;
  • songs as short as possible to assure, that album ends before it all gets too boring;
  • dirty production;
  • skits (optional).

In other words, it should not be taken seriously yet sound something like this

What about bad grind then? You will know, if it's bad or not as soon as your ears will start bleeding, trust me on this one.

Listed below are a few gems, that I've found over the years, enjoy! Yes, the numbering is correct - the releases, that are marked with a number "2" are all equally good in my opinion and I couldn't decide which one is better.

4. Dead in the dirt - The Blind Hole

Guitar tone, that sounds like headphones plugged straight into the wall socket and bass tone, that of a roaring tank engine plus pounding riffs and tons of random feedback. What more do you need?

3.  Graf Orlock - Destination time tomorrow 

Cinemagrind - killer riffs and tones with the perfect amount of insanity and fun.

2. Weekend Nachos - Apology

Catchy and sludgy grooves bred with NY hardcore style vocals, furious grind and power-violence parts to produce the most brutal offspring with the most ridiculous name you may think of. Too bad they are on their last farewell tour. R.I.P, you will be missed.

2. Cloud Rat - Fever Dreams

High output emotional blackened grind. Check out their album called "Moksha" as well. These guys (and a gal) are phenomenal. One of the very few grindcore bands, that have full length concept albums.

2. Nails - Obscene Humanity

Imagine being stuck alive in a coffin, trying to scratch your way out while someone is nailing it dead shut - this band sounds somewhat similar, except the nailing part is done by a retard with a fully automatic, industrial grade nail gun.

1. Votnut - Self titled

One of the vilest things out there. If it is the first time you hear the name of this band then you haven't heard anything as violent and crushing as Votnut - this is a merciless, roaring war machine!

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