Friday, 13 May 2016

The blasphemous trinity: Pride / 6 modern popular extreme metal albums that don't suck

A few things piss me off more than people with bad taste sticking the garbage, that passes as modern popular extreme metal into my face. Let's be honest here - we all know a guy or a gal, who shoves Slipknot, Amon Amarth, every other generic shitty core band, or something similar down your throat at a party, saying, that this is the most extreme, and the most talented band ever. Even though I usually roll my eyes backwards and try to perform the best possible Irish exit I can from a conversation like that, I don't question the professionalism of musicians within these bands. Without doubt they are quite professional, because these people are actually making money with their (or someone else's) music. I do however question their artistic value and despise them in a way I despise Lil Wayne or Katty Perry. Metal in my eyes is and should remain the outsider art form - vile, gritty and dirty. A subculture of loners not just screaming of isolation and trouble-hood, but actually living it, agents of chaos spreading seeds of anger and despair, and charismatic sociopaths literally breaking their bones and shitting on stage just to get their message across. 

The great pendulum of trends has swung and streets nowadays are filled with hordes of 1950's men's style larpers with factory slabbed, gooey haircuts, oily beards, Sailor Jerry era tattoos and shitty generic music in their Beats headphones. A few years will pass, deathcore and all of its chugging accomplices will fade into the abyss, something else will take its place and the disfigured, sacred, moolah making cow will be milked by industry's corporate masters once again.

There are however popular bands in the genre that keep pushing the envelope and are making great music, yet I'm afraid their work is like pearls thrown before hogs, that are all about the food and no taste.

Before I dive into the actual albums, let me define, what I consider to be modern popular extreme metal:

  • modern - let's say anything that isn't older than a decade;
  • popular - at least a couple of thousands (just being modest here) copies sold; band is known worldwide;
  • extreme - the opposite of mainstream and incorporating a lot of exaggeration;
  • metal - a substance with high electrical conductivity, luster, and malleability, which readily loses electrons to form positive ions.

6. Beneath the Massacre - Dystopia

Technical death metal outfit from Montreal, Canada. Sometimes, when I listen to them, it seems like these guys are not organic. To achieve this type of technical perfection, you must be mechanical instead -they make Origin sound like a big joke.

5. Cattle decapitation - Monolith of Inhumanity

This is deathgrind made right! Wall of punishing and chaotic sound, precise and lightning-fast drumming, raspy goblin like melodic vocals you haven't heard before and lyrical themes not heard in metal far too often.

4. The Red chord - Clients

Ass kicking, grinding, rock infused deathcore. Yes deathcore, get over it!

3. The Dillinger escape plan - Option Paralysis

Spastic band, who traverses through the sub-genres like they wouldn't even exist. The front-man is a sociopathic lunatic and his stage presence is intimidating to say the least.

2. Mastodon - Crack the Skye

Four masterminds engaging in an ethereal dance of musical instruments!

1. Behemoth - The Satanist
Behemoth is one of those few bands, who have grown into an entity of its own far beyond the charismatic identities of its band members. Prosecuted by the Catholic church in their homeland and abhorred in various countries, these Polish blackened death metal pioneers, have crafted, what is to be hands down the best modern popular extreme metal music album released in the last decade. Even though the lyrical themes reach far beyond the definition of what is good and evil through the medium of Christian dogma, the album is bravely named "The Satanist" as if mocking close-minded people, that like to label other individuals based on their own shallow and ridiculous perception of the world they live in.

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