Saturday, 18 June 2016

Call them to black flame

June 17th, another trip to the insane asylum - figuratively speaking. Just in case you didn't know Terra Tenebrosa released The Reverses yesterday. 3 years have passed since the release of  The Purging and I was starting to miss these mysterious and horrifying Swedes.

Terra has always surprised the shit out of me when it came to the originality of production, and this album takes it to a whole new level. Imagine if you were to listen to music in a long narrow cave and the sound would come from deep beneath the surface: echo of the cymbals, unclear demonic vocals coupled with ever nauseating, whirling sound of guitars make it easy to get lost in here and create a completely unique listening experience. Drumming on this record is so heavy that I bet the drummer had to change what has been left of his drum sticks after every recording take. The amount of power with which he hits the snare drum is completely mental. It feels like taking a hit to the face with a heavy, blunt object every single fucking time and reminds me of drumming style Tesa's Jānis Burmeisters has. The integrity of the album is not broken by any of the songs, Reverses is a piece of a art, a very sinister art, from the start of the record till the very end. This dire album is worth every hard earned cent I paid for it and I suggest you do the same. So now if we were to pretend here for a moment that my ratings actually mean shit in the metal society then I would rate this album a solid 47 out of 10.

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