Saturday, 11 June 2016

Midsummer meditations

Last few months have been excessively loud, teeming with experiences to look back upon in retrospect. I sincerely enjoy brief moments of silence when I lay in my bed in the mornings staring at the ceiling, drifting between the reality and the dream realm. This usually means one thing - I'm mentally exhausted and probably require tranquility to refill my long dead batteries. This in turn boils down to the fact that the post itself is going to be shorter than usual...and I mean, a lot shorter. It's just this find is too good to be kept all to myself.

Ruhr Hunter - meditative, droning and minimalistic folk experience, that in the vein of Wardruna and Forndom, and as my mate Yuriy sometimes says: "MUCHO RECOMMENDADO!" Huge thanks to Ms Kim Kelly for having this in her collection. I guess enough has been said already so listen, retrospect and repeat.

Before you go and start looking for previous releases by this guy, be warned as "Torn of This" sounded too synthetic for my taste and it also didn't possess the right naturey vibe. If I were you, I wouldn't even waste my valuable time on it...

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