Thursday, 9 June 2016

Rotten flesh is its dominion

Sanford Parker, Sanford Parker, Sanford Parker... he is probably one of the most featured producers and sound engineers in my music collection. Buried At Sea, Lord Mantis, Indian, Yob, Leviathan and other amazing acts have crafted their musical gems with the help of this man whom I consider being a legend and the godfather of Chicago metal music scene. You can hear his signature mold from afar - if it sounds dirty, rough, claustrophobic and it comes from Illinois, chances are Parker was sitting by the mixing board.

Good metal music is not dead, you just have to know where to search for it. If you have ever collected bugs when you were a kid then you know that walking around the garden and just looking for them in the grass, on the trees and whatnot will yield you poor to zero results. But however, if you start looking under big rocks, you'll find hundreds of them. Different shapes, different colors, different sizes and different jaw strength (yes I was bitten and stung a lot). Same rule applies to metal. You might find a band or two that are good on a plain sight, but if you are able to find these "rocks" then my friend, the flood gates will open and vile things will crawl in every direction before you. A few of my "rocks" to which I continue to return time after time again are Neurot Recordings, Profound Lore records, Housecore records and Sanford Parker, needless to say I'm always able to find something noteworthy or even incredible there.

So - COFFINWORM. And for fuck's sake don't confuse these vulgar and gritty death sludgers with the generic, long-haired boy band that goes by the name of Graveworm. By the way, it should have been called Gayworm. Yes, I know there is a woman in that band and no, it doesn't make them sound any better than Nsync or whatever the fuck that crap was named. If Dragged Into Sunlight and the previously mentioned Lord Mantis ring any bells in your head then checking out COFFINWORM is a must. These guys basically have taken death metal, slowed it down, added grooves, grim atmospheres and sparse distorted vocals. Man, the vocal effects are simply amazing. They have also removed all of the things that make death metal silly and over-dramatic - the excessive use of shitty in ya face growls, fretboard wanking, useless 300+bpm drumming and crystal clear production. You know, all the things that kill music and make it a giant circle jerk of virtuosos and scale-whores. Anyhoo, crank up the volume and let the dirt flow through you. Horns up my friends! Stay vile, stay true, kill the trends, worship amps, live life!

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