Thursday, 16 June 2016

The bloodiest

Just the other day I was listening to Bruce Lamont's solo album and live performances because my chronic depression required me to do so. One thing let to another and soon I discovered Bloodiest - a sextet hailing from Chicago and fronted by Mr Lamont the saxo-pants himself. Speaking of which, this is pants-down one of the best finds of the decade for me here. I've been listening to them nonstop for a few days straight now - like, literally not figuratively. I shit you not. Last time this happened to me was in my late teens when I discovered Neurosis (and I still quite often have my Neurosis listening sprees).

So what happened? What is the reason for it being THAT good? The answer is simple - I've no idea. It's different, it's fresh and I managed to forget about my own surroundings completely losing myself in the soundscapes these guys create. This happens rarely. Usually when I play or write my own stuff, but practically never when I listen to other people's music. That said there is something unexplainable and even transcending here - almost like an out of body experience. You just listen to it not applying much thought as if the music itself was a living entity that you had developed a mind connection with. This might sound a bit bizarre, but it is probably the best possible way I'm able describe it.

I had serious trouble finding favorite tracks on these two records - everything is close to being perfect and songs just tie into one another letting the record flow uninterruptedly and flawlessly. Listen to "Coh" and "Pastures" as an example (they are two consecutive tracks from their release called Descent):

Vocals are astounding and Bruce sounds like a Native American who is chanting lyrics to his ancestors. The instrumentation is... well I'm actually quite speechless... let's just say that Bloodiest is music the same way Chopin's Nocturne No. 20 is music. I'm curious what these both albums feel and sound like with a widened perception...

To those of you who hear of Bruce Lamont for the first time, have a special treat and enjoy!

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