Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Interrupted amidst taking a shit/Psychedelic Southern swag from Philly

My morning routine starts off with me lazily crawling towards the toilet. Half asleep, naked and with a pocket Jesus (read "phone") in my hand. Instead of having a morning coffee ritual like most of normal people do,  I read through my e-mail messages, facebook feed, news and other shit while taking a massive dump. Today was no different from any other day except the fact that I was approached by a band called The Company Corvette from Philadelphia to review their newest album Never Enough. Let's have a listen, shall we?!

Purple haze infused (... and I'm referring to the track name by Jimi Hendrix here) swampy white boy sludge goodness. Groovy drum work combined with fuzzed out basslines and sick guitar solos that are deeply rooted in blues go well with the distorted vocals that vaguely remind me of singing done by Goya's frontman Jeff Owens. The riffs and solos on this record are very wah heavy. In fact so wah heavy that even most of the basslines are wah ridden. Normally I would not consider this a good thing but these guys definitely possess some Southern swagger and pull this off admirably well. I must say that all of the previously mentioned things leave me with a sense that this record is the bastard son of EYEHATEGOD's more bluesy pieces like Southern discomfort and New Orleans Is The New Vietnam with more psychedelic late 70's psych rock. It is a very delicious candy for me to chew on since I'm a big fan of the whole NOLA music scene. All the tracks (Devilwitch, The Stuff and Pigeon being my absolute favourite) tie well into one another and you can actually feel that it is an album instead of just being a compendium of nice riffage and proficient soloing. There are however a few things about the record that I would like to change to make it meet my ugly taste in music even more:
  • Vocals could be a bit dirtier and kept even deeper in the mix
  • At times more punch could be added to the snare drum. That way it would pierce through everything with far more ease and would sound considerably more fitting. A good example of what I'm talking about would be the snare drum sound on Dopethrone's track Vagabond from the Hochelaga album. My rule of a thumb - if the snare is hit and the bass player is not twitching from its sound then the drummer should stop being a sissy and start hitting the snare harder!
All in all a very nicely put together record which has a lot of picturesque and memorable moments. I would rate it a solid 8/10. It is good stuff to put on in a party while you and your friends are getting drunk - it is definitely an easy listen. Highly recommended to the fans of all things Southern and muddy.

Post Scriptum: I would like to thank the band for providing me with the free copy of the album. Cheers motherfuckers and keep up the good work!

Friday, 9 September 2016

Capitaine Violoncelle de Underpants

So there is this guy

and here is his album

Support the man or eat a baguete of dicks if you're unable to enjoy his performance!

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

The union of opposites/Two releases that made me trip harder than drugs

Graves At Sea - The Curse That Is

Finally a doom/sludge album that goes far beyond the typical blues scale riffs, heavily fuzzed guitar tones and walls of roaring amps. The listed things are good and all but you get tired of it once you have sifted through a shit-ton of bands doing the same damn thing! There are a few bands however, that do it very well but I'm not going to cover that topic just yet...

Graves at sea - supposedly a well known, dirt filled underground metal outfit from Portland, Oregon, whose demos once grabbed the attention of doomsters across a wide spectrum of countries, have released their debut full length "The Curse That Is" this year with the help of Relapse Records - one of the few record companies that still give a shit about their endorsed artists.

The Curse that is is a mammoth of record that takes you on a grim, evil and narrative journey through the world filled with sorrow, pain, regret, paradoxes and deep hate. Expect the atmosphere similar that of Mastodon's album Leviathan, riffage that resembles Yob's Clearing a Path to Ascend mixed with furiosity of High on Fire's Death is this Communion and Dopethrone-like filthy blackened vocals. Pretty impossible mixture of traits if you ask me and to say that it all blends together perfectly into a overlooked gem would be a definite understatement. Enough babbling! Listen to it, headbang, repeat!

Soundarcade - 12 Songs Of The Jackalope

I'm super picky about the music I buy, less and less releases grab and hold my attention before I proclaim them as shit and revisiting old stuff I was keen about earlier in my life makes me nostalgic. This may mean only one thing - I've gotten old(er).

Lately a band I knew about when I was a youngster popped on my radar again. I remember liking a few songs by them here and there but I never paid much attention to these guys because I was into much more agressive and rebellious stuff back then as probably most of the people in their teens. Long story short I re-listened to Soundarcade's 12 Songs Of The Jackalope and I was blown away by how masterful this release is. My bandmate once told me that the Ābele brothers are the best thing that has happened in the Latvian ever-so-poor metal music scene in the past 15 years or so and I do see his point now. The album is a graceful journey through the land of folk tales accompanied by musicianship that traverses from Tool-like progressions, stoner riffs, awkward post-metal rhythmic patterns to psychadelic solos, sludge filled tones and experimental use of noises with so much ease and sophisticated restraint that it is simply ridiculous. Wrap all of the mentioned things into a fairly muffled production and you've got yourself a hall of famer! One of the boldest records I've heard in a very, very long time, period.