Monday, 7 November 2016

Dirtiest occult doomsters since Electric Wizard, Windhand and Dopethrone.

Thunderous roar of a warm fuzzed out bass amp, sludgey Sabbathian riffs, muffled yet clean vocals, occasional screams, tons of feedback, hairy production, occult imagery, and a droning, eerie organ - awesome, awesome, awesome!

Good morning doomsters around the globe, here are some of the dirtiest and bluesiest tunes since Wizard, Windhand, and Dopethrone. This is loud, this is heavy, this is gritty...this is DOOM at its very best! It will kick the shit out of you and boot-stomp your vag in a most violent way possible. Shout out to guys from Dopethrone for helping me find this! TABARNAK!

P.S. Huata in Russian is a swear word.

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