Wednesday, 30 November 2016

The illusion of choice when it comes to politics / Kvlt country vol. 3

The political situation here in Latvia has come to what seems to be a boiling point. The gap between the middle class and the political elite has grown into a full blown Mariana trench. Every single tax payer is fucking pissed about the new tax policy and budget that will take place from next year. I cannot blame them for it, the government institutions take away more and more of our hard-earned money with every year in a form of numerous different taxes and give back so little to the society that it just doesn't seem fair. On the other hand, life has never been fair so you just have to man the fuck up and deal with it. If you cannot accept this then you are weak. Dismissing the parliament wouldn't change much. The reality is that the problem lies much deeper than the people running this country. Voting in the same shitheads but in different suits will change shit. There just has to be a better way to run the country and you know it! The deputies are not the representatives of the "people", they are there for their "contributors" who got them into the office in the first place. In fact I'm 27 years old now, 6 parliament elections have happened since I've been somewhat conscious and I can tell you this - very little to almost nothing has changed no matter who was behind the wheel: Nationalists, Social democrats, Liberals, "Farmers"; NOTHING. Literally how stupid do you have to be to believe that things will change this time if they have never changed before? Promises get broken every 4 years and no one seems to bat an eye or remember that. We've all been given an illusion of choice as if our vote actually means something when in reality we're just able to elect a lesser evil and hope for the best. Hope that we'll get a healthcare, hope that they won't take away the funding for the school our kids go to, hope that if we get disabled we could still pay our bills, hope, hope, hope...
Stop whining about things, you can always find someone somewhere who has had it much worse than you and is still far more successful. Think of what an ideal society means to you and try building it around yourself, involve in its processes as much as possible, think about your individual goals, what you can do and what sacrifices you can make to achieve them, fuck everything else! 

Also here is a nice playlist to get you through the day.

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