Friday, 4 November 2016

The legend of a wolf and a bear

Crippled Black Phoenix (CBP) is one of those few bands which I have very mixed feelings for. In my own exclusive opinion more than half of their stuff is a total mehfest while the other half resonates heavily with my inner self and remains one of the most fascinating things I've heard since ever. It is possible that I will like more of their releases later on in my life and that I'm just not mature enough to properly enjoy it at the given moment, or I simply have my poor upbringing to blame it for, who knows. Anyways, besides one of the best (if not the best) interpretations of Pink Floyd's Echoes, there are only two albums by them which I consider being excellent, mind-blowing even. The first thing these albums share is that both of them have wild beasts on their covers, and metalheads love wild beasts, and skulls, and flames, and motorcycles and other stereotypical things. Be honest, how many times have you picked an album just because it had a big, bad skull or a severed goat's head depicted on it? I know, I have! Numerous times actually, and this time was no exception as well. So a wolf for I, Vigilante and a bear for their latest release BRONZE, which was an insta-buy for me today as soon as I heard the first two songs. The second thing they share is an uncompromised songwriting in which every single instrument blends in elegantly to create musical compositions which even the Swedes Ghost would be jealous of. Turn to Stone from Bronze and We Forgotten Who We Are from I, Vigilante still give me chills even when I think about them and the latter one is the only song I've sung to while being completely sober. If I would have to describe their sound on these two albums I would say that they sound like a heavier and more melancholy version of Pink Floyd combined with songwriting of Ghost and experimentation abilities of Neurosis. Give these two releases a shot.

Oh, and one more thing - the production is top-notch!

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