Friday, 13 January 2017

STOP! Demo time!

Ever since I first heard Electric Wizard and EYEHATEGOD I was hooked onto dirty production and I have never looked back since. If there is one thing that turns me on when it comes to metal - it is the dirt. The sound should be overwhelming and disgusting, and the more disgusting the better. Leave your nice production at the door, step into the dungeon, hear the bass growl through a wall of muffled clipping  fuzz, feel the claustrophobic dry hit of the snare drum, bone rattling hit of the 30 inch bass drum, heavier than led guitar tones and rough screams of front men and women of non-commercial metal. Welcome to the underground, where demos are kept in high regard and low in price. Remember, when you buy a demo you are "voting" for a band you like, never give your hard-earned money away to artists that you don't give a shit about. Keep your local and worldwide scene alive: buy merch, attend shows, buy records, stop downloading music for free - nobody owes you shit, stop spending your money on luxury items you don't need and support the scene motherfucker, give back at least a small part that you get from the community! 

Traumhaus - Her Body in Ashes (Demo)

Dreamhouse (English for Traumhaus - I hope I got this right) is a raw droning avant-garde black metal project from Philly. It is as depressing as it is beautiful. Vocals are kept deep in the mix, drums are not limited to just blast beats and everything is topped with an eerie droning layer which reminds me a bit of Menace Ruine. Splendid. 

The Hyle - Demo

Proper doom from our Danish brethren. Haunting clean vocals, occult themes, warm fuzzy tones, laid back solos, minimalistic dry drums and cool prodution. Can't recommend this enough for all the doomsters worldwide.

Fraud - Juice

Awesome and groovy plus the artwork is excellent (by the look of it, I at first thought this was a grindcore record to be honest). This single has been on repeat for too many times, and partially it is because it is too damn short! I demand MORE!

Bethmoora - Demo

Dark, filthy and pummelling sludge in the vein of Buried at Sea and Conan.
WARNING: A mandatory shower or two  is required after listening to this record!