Thursday, 2 February 2017

5 misconceptions about powerlifters

We're all fat and lazy motherfuckers.

No we're not, we're just in the high energy conservation mode. 

We take too much time in between sets because of our shitty GPP*.

Whenever you see a powerlifter at the gym sitting and relaxing before the next set think about this, he is not just relaxing, he is waiting. Waiting for his eyesight to return to normal after his previous set. Once the sight is back he'll  be ready to squat again! This phenomenon usually lasts up to 3 minutes. Now, if the dude is squatting in full gear then add another 2 minutes for him to wrap his knees, and if you've ever put on knee wraps yourself then you know the struggle. It wears you out even more than the squats themselves, and besides walking up to the rack looking like a doof, the only thing you can think about while squatting is the glorious moment when you'll finally be able to take those medieval torture devices off your knee joints.

We don't do cardio.

Partially true, most of us tend to do sport specific conditioning - grocery carries, sofa deadlifts and toilet squats.

We don't give a shit about nutrition.

Completely false, we do put a great emphasis on essentially eating only whole foods. My absolute favourites are a whole chicken or a whole pizza.

We neglect mobility.

We don't! In fact my staple everyday mobility routine contains things like the TV remote fetch-stretches (to release that irritating stiffness in your upper hamstrings and lower back) and the cock'n'ball pull-aparts (to help you get into that bottom position of the squat without any pain or discomfort).

* General physical preparedness

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