Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Anchoring yourself: 5 core values I hold in high regard / 2 records I spun far too often recently

Before I start off by arrogantly listing my five core values and making myself better than you, I would like to make a short disclaimer that I'm not trying to life-coach anyone. I simply wanted to put these values down on paper to have the ability to look back at them once in a while, if my life would ever require me to do so. Everyone must have their anchor and here's mine:
  1. Don't be stupid - remember that herd's combined stupidity level is way higher than each individual's personal stupidity. Don't be afraid to swim in the opposite direction but don't just be that one motherfucker that is always swimming against the current no matter what. 
  2. Be strong(-er) - Be strong physically, emotionally and strive to constantly getting stronger. Be a man who has his brother's back and the shoulder for your female friends to cry on. Stop whining and crying yourself because half of the people you're crying or whining to don't give a shit about you, the other half is happy to see you down. Retaliate if needed and never let anything unsettled. Don't show yourself and your nearest ones as weak but share your weakness with your loved ones and your friends because this action in turn will show them your strength in understanding that you're not invulnerable.
  3. Defend your perimeter - Got this one from a book "The Way of Men" by Jack Donovan. If you haven't read it yet, then I urge you to pick it up and read it. So, where was I? Yes, stand your ground, defend your loved ones and the ones that are within the perimeter. Divide people into "us" and "they". Don't be all inclusive like a child, not everyone you meet in your life is a "friend". Many languages have words like "family", "friend", "companion", "acquaintance", "enemy" for a reason - use it. Don't "correct" anyone from your perimeter in public, do it in private. Don't let anyone in before they have proven that they are worthy of standing next to you. Don't let your guard down just as they're inside the perimeter, give yourself time until you can really trust a person. 
  4. Be a man of action not words - Do more, speak less. Be punctual and do as you've said you'll do, keep your promises by all means. Fuck...actually let's be honest here, throwing sand into some fucker's face when they've said that you wouldn't do something and then seeing their face once you do that something is priceless! It is even more pleasing than sticking a dick into a vagina. Speaking of vaginas - don't have one. Be more of a man and less of a woman. Gain respect and let your reputation speak for you - if somebody hates you, you're doing at least something right. Reach out to gain approval from men from within your group rather than women. Most of the women I know (not all of them) think on different wave lengths than men and quite frankly the majority of them don't make any fucking sense for the greatest part of the time anyway.
  5. Constantly progress - in other words, try being less of a piece of shit you were yesterday. Pick a goal, strive for it, reach it, repeat!

Below you'll find two records I've spun far too often during the last couple of months. Both of them are very sludge, much wow. Enjoy!


Conan - Revengeance

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