Friday, 24 February 2017

South is where the heart is.

My love for the southern steel started when I was in my middle-teens, I had a friend named Tagir, rest in power buddy, I really miss your jokes! ...the dude was really into some awesome stuff back then while I was mostly listening to some shit that I wouldn't even pass as music nowadays (of course there were a few exceptions to the rule, but it was mostly utter crap). I remember there was a birthday party we were celebrating at the studio where Tagir and his band-mates were having rehearsals. What was I doing there? Well, fooling around predominantly. I was a useless piece of shit back then just like the majority of teens. Tagir played his guitar and our fat common friend blasted the drums. We drank vodka, ate raw mushroom-mayo sandwitches, had a great time and at one point Tagir put on Pantera's I'm Broken on his very old and worn out guitar combo amp. It was at this exact moment when I fell in love with Mr. Phillip H. Anselmo's music. Later on in my life I discovered Down, Crowbar, Housecore Records, EYEHATEGOD and many more. I consider Phil being one of the most influential people in today's worldwide metal scene, both in the underground and in the mainstream. Today, to prove that NOLA's spirit keeps on thriving on every single continent,  I give you 3 southern groove metal albums from around the globe. 

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