Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Timmy "the Untamed Feedback" Burch

Busy week? No time searching for music? No time listening to LPs, EPs or even demos? Fear no more and look no further because uncle Regnar has just the right thing you need! Today it's gonna be only 3 singles. 3 singles containing absolutely insane amounts of feedback, fuzz, grit and balls! Also one of the songs technically is an excerpt track from a split but who gives a shit about that anyways?! 

Sixes - A Cross To Burn

First off is a band I knew absolutely nothing about until this very morning when I got an invitation to be "friends" on facebook from one of its members. Little did I know about the dude except for the fact that he apparently played drums by the pictures he had posted on the web. So I put on my Holmes hat and did a small Internet "research" on the guy. Turns out he plays in a band called Sixes  and it doesn't suck. This single has all that a growing sludge fan needs: slow riffs - check, sandy growling bass - check, claustrophobic drums - check,  feedback - check, filthy vocals reminiscent of Charlie Fell - check. I swear to gods that every time I hear the part where the vocals guy screams "A Cross To Burn" on this song I immediately think of a part from Lord Mantis's song Body Choke where Fell goes: "Your Body Chokes". That song probably had some influence here. All in all a very solid track, can't wait to hear more. Cheers if you're reading this!

Tesa - Lauztās Priedes

New Tesa. Personally I felt that instead of achieving grooves using riffs as they usually would do, they tried achieving it by using drums on this single. Guitars on contrary were used mainly to create this big, ambient and monolithic wall of sound, feedback and reverb. And what a kick-ass groovy drum-roll at the end of the track - very impressive!

Primitive Man - Unable

Primitive Man is one of those bands whom I would really like to like as I'm very intrigued by the whole appeal of the band and their music as well as the tones and the noises they pull off, yet I never really got into them properly. That said they do have some pretty rad songs in their repertoire and this one is the most distinctive of them in my opinion. It also happens to be my personal favourite alongside Loathe. When it comes to their sound then P/M takes it a step forward and pushes the sludge boundary from dirty to absolutely disgusting. Have a nice listen I guess?!

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