Sunday, 16 April 2017

Finally enjoying good music on vinyl / unexpected find

Last week my lovely soon to be wife gave me an unexpected present - a freaking turntable! Words cannot describe how much happiness I felt in the moment when I first ran it. It could be compared to sensations a teenage boy has when he sees girl's breasts for the first time and he is allowed to touch them - warm, welcoming, delightful, mmmm...where was I?! Oh yeah right, I had a few classic records on vinyl laying around the house but I never had a chance to listen to them up until now, and even though I've heard Electric Wizard's "Come My Fanatics" and Acid Bath's "When The Kite String Pops" more times than I've masturbated in my adolescence, I must say that I rediscovered these albums that evening. They seemed to be sounding the same but something was different, maybe the mix, I don't know. It sounded heavy but at the same time it had this laidback-ness to it. Everything seemed smoother and the digital versions in comparison sound way harsher to my ear (before you give me shit - yes, even FLAC). Then again it could be just the wine that we had with my fiancée shortly before the listening session talking. Long story short, now I can spend even more money each month on music by buying vinyl and paying for shipping. Needless to say that was exactly what I did the next morning - I ordered a copy of Indian's "The Unquiet Sky" from the Seventh Rule and considering the shipping for that one vinyl alone was 20+ euros I decided to scan through other records they had available at their store. That was the moment I discovered Stoneburner. Besides sounding ball-pounding and being highly recommended to the fans of Buried At Sea, they also possessed the deal of the century... Freaking 22 bucks for a vinyl, t-shirt and a digital copy of the album! A fucking no brainer here - pick up your own copy and browse though the record company's bandcamp page, they've got some quality stuff on their roster.