Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Minus the throat - Pure riff worship, zero bullshit

Imagine this - you find that one record that looks promising, you put it on and everything falls into its rightful place. It all starts with a weeping feedback from walls of overdriven amps and stacked distortion and fuzz effects. The bass growls like a motherfucker, the guitar roars louder than on that last record you spun for months on end, the drums beat the living shit out of you every time you hear the snare drum hit, and you can literally feel the bassdrum  kick your wrinkly asshole. The riffs start flowing and you start tapping your foot along, then you start headbanging, but just a little because you have this gut feeling that something is not feeling right. And then the glorious fucker comes in, the showstopper, the bedshitter, the one person you will grow to hate the most because he took what was perfect and ruined it by opening his mouth - the "VOCALIST". At this exact  moment an uncontrollable urge to punch someone in the throat and finish him off with a few kicks in the taint appears. What a huge fucking disappointment! This is the sole bloody reason why I play in an instrumental band.

Major Kong - Galactic Cannibalism

Saturn's Husk had a chance to share the same stage with these guys in an underground metal fest in Lithuania. Kong is amazing both live and on record. They are all about zero bullshit and maximum riffage. At times upbeat, but you'll grow to love them.

Locust Whip

This one's a teaser. The two piece from Ohio whose official release I've been waiting for more than three years. Release the album already! 

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