Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Oxymoron: 3 deathcore albums that don't suck.

Recently I received probably one of the tallest orders from one of my frequent readers. I don't know if he's a fan of the blog or not but either way challenge accepted!

To cut the story short he asked me if I think it is possible to find decent music within a seemingly shitty genre. This immediately led me think of dubstep and Russian pop music, but as I'm as inexperienced in this kind of music as a prom queen at giving head, I realised I could make a "research" of some of the "edgelord subgenres" in our own little world of metal. By "research" I simply mean browsing Internet resources and listening (read trying to listen) to music I would otherwise avoid more than the nopest mother of Australian nopes. So deathcore - born in the glorious age of Myspace when a band by the ridiculous name of Job For A Cowboy became a quickly growing Internet phenomena for its bree-brees, breakdowns, no sense of musical composition whatsoever and, I guess, a much more understandable concept of an extreme music for the wide masses?! To be honest, I've no idea how it got as big as it is today. I just remember a period of time when I jumped on the trend-bandwagon as well and listened to them and a few other acts for a while in my life. Needless to say it just didn't resonate all that good with me and I left the exploration of the genre for a much more listenable and honest music. In fact Job For A Cowboy themselves realised that they have created a monster that got out of hand and soon after their first release, ditched the genre and converted from a gay metal boy band into a straight and quite decent death metal act of grown men. Don't get me wrong, I don't preach the one TRVE metal subgenre, I'm just being snobbish and mean.

First stop bandcamp, browse by tags, deathcore, here we go! 
...HOLY VIRGIN'S SHIT-CUNT it's even worse than I remember it being and it has it all:
  • generic riffs
  • generic tones (probably amp emulation)
  • autotuned br00tal vocals
  • overproduction
  • breakdowns upon breakdowns
Long story short, listening to 99.99% of the stuff on bandcamp tagged as deathcore made me feel similar to this:

It seemed like deathcore and some other closely related metal subgenres had become sort of a mainstream fashion for the alternate broskies similar to what happened during the nu-metal boom of the late 1990's and the early 2000's. Surprisingly enough there ARE some things that are quite listenable and even good.

3. The Acacia Strain - Wormwood

This album has its moments - the tones are not too generic, it is not overproduced and it even tries to build a decent dark atmosphere on a couple of songs. The guys that write the music do not over complicate things and simply do the things that work within the genre. It has the grooves yet it lacks the substance. Needless to say the release got boring fairly quick because the songs fail at building into anything, they just keep on mindlessly plodding for most of the time.

2. See You Next Tuesday - Intervals

This stuff is interesting for sure and it has the production I dig! I did not expect to find non-polished music to be honest but here it is - 30 minutes of awe inspiring madness of a deathcore album done right! Filthy, menacing, experimental. Besides the slower riffs are kind of sludgy. Most importantly the release itself is not too long to get boring. I would definitely see them live and would even consider buying their t-shirt...too bad the other releases were pure and utter crap.

1. The Red Chord - Clients

I think these guys are wrongly accused of being deathcore. I've been listening to them since around 2007 and I must say that they have aged pretty darn well for me. They blend grind, death metal, metalcore, mathcore and rock...uhm, let's just say that they make pretty rad music using pretty rad riffs and killer tones to back it up. They also seem like fun guys and don't take themselves too seriously. I mean how many frontmen in metal do you know that randomly scream out the word "penis" during their live performances? Check out this track and the "He was dead when I got there". 


SUMMARY: Deathcore is a genre that has 2 decent acts in it. 
NOTE: Edgelords remember, I'm not the final authority, so don't be too butthurt.

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