Monday, 17 July 2017

Engineering, EM and DOOM

At the beginning of the month I went on a trip to Stockholm to see the mighty Neurosis and Author & Punisher was opening up for them. The opening act got on my radar a couple of times before but it never seized my attention because it was too "industrial" for my taste. Until...until I saw A&P live. It turns out that it is a one man live band, aaand it gets even better - the dude's apparently an engineer and he builds all of his instruments himself. Well, big deal you might add, because there are a lot of multi-instrumentalists who create their own guitars, basses, drums, etc., but there is a great "but" here. Tristan (the man behind this extra-ordinary project) builds unique sound controllers that resemble heavy-duty industrial machinery much rather than traditional music instruments. His stage persona reminded me of a cyborg straight out from a sci-fi movie as he masterfully operated these so called instruments that he himself calls the drone machines. I would say that this interaction between the man and these considerable implements brought a certain amount of eroticism and sincerity to the performance and was not cheesy or homosexual in any way. His show was accompanied by some of the most intense visuals I've seen and soundwise it all reminded me of a NIN and SUNN O))) hybrid. Give it a shot, it is totally worth it!

Here's an interesting interview with Tristan Shone about his craft.

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