Tuesday, 18 July 2017

I finally caught Neurosis live

In the previous post I mentioned that in the beginning of this month I together with my wife-to-be finally caught the great band Neurosis live at Kraken in Stockholm. I spent around 780 euros total on the whole trip but it was totally worth it and I don't regret a dime. Neurosis need no introduction as they have been in the scene for 30 full years and have inspired a whole culture of people. They are one of the best bands out there both on the record and live in my peasant opinion. Their live show was unforgettable and probably the best one I have ever attended. The dynamic range of the sound was just dick-tickling - it was mellow and soothing at times and at times it was so punishing that it was borderline unbearable (in a good way). Their stage presence was unparalleled with anything I've seen before and I've been to a couple of shows. During the "At The End of The Road" I looked around and I saw Dave running around the stage simultaneously playing his bass, Scott spitting and sweating like a motherfucker while he was forcefully bashing the riffs out of his guitar, Steve doing some weird feedbacks by spinning and holding his guitar in the mid-air, Noah fiercely pushing and pulling his synth rig and Jason drumming away hypnotically, his drumsticks looked nearly like butterfly wings in this lighting. The whole experience was very surreal, it resonated with me on a primitive level and I remember that during this exact moment I thought to myself: "This is madness. This is why they called themselves Neurosis."

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