Tuesday, 11 July 2017

The criminally underrated

I've come to a conclusion that music unlike any other legitimate art-form has a life of its own, especially in this wonderful age of technology that we're living in. Once you release your work into the masses there is very little you can do to contain it or help it spread, so eventually it will either expand like a plague or will land somewhere in the vast oblivion of "I have never heard of it". Nevertheless keeping an eye out will reward you with a few gems here and there in the never-ending torrent of feculence. Here are some of the most criminally underrated albums that gave me some of the hardest metal boners to this date.

Leechmilk - Starvation of Locusts

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Buried At Sea - Ghost

Most of us who are in the "artistic metal" scene (this should be totally made into a thing) have heard the Migration but have never heard of Ghost. It is a nearly 30 minute long buildup for that one final riff at 28:55 that will send immense chills down your spine and leave you wanting for more.

Suma - Ashes

I've been returning to this record numerous times since I first discovered it last year and it seems that I've been listening to it profusely for these last couple of weeks. If it is too slow and too heavy for you, you are probably too young!

Shora - Malval

"Post" has become somewhat of an insult in the last couple of years and I do agree with that to some extent because most of the things this genre has to offer sounds kinda same-same. However dial this one in and listen to the tones and the drumming. 

Cattle press - Showered In The Love Of The Abhorer

9 minutes of insanity and dirt pushed forcefully down your throat. Skip to the last track if you cannot endure the first two.

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