Wednesday, 25 October 2017

October is knock, knock, knocking on your coffin's door. Don't just lay there! Let it in!

October was quite generous anti-music wise:

  • Got to see the mighty Dragged Into Sunlight kill it live. The performance they put up was unwelcoming, emotionally disturbing yet very hypnotic and groovy. I would not recommend it to epileptics because of the intense flickering strobe lights and nearly unbearable volume - it would most definitely trigger an episode.  I, on the other hand, had the time of my life and even got one of my favorite all time releases on a vinyl. Last Sunday was a good day!
  • Long time dead UK sludgers released a new full length. You know who they are;
  • Denver's Primitive Man released Caustic and it sounds like as if you had a bucket-list with just one wish on it and that wish was being dead;
  • ALTARAGE released their long-awaited sophomore album Endinghent;
  • I found out about Mastiff. Thanks Steff!

So why is it called "anti-music"? Well, it does not sound very musical, my friend.

Friday, 6 October 2017


I yet have to meet a man that does not love Kyuss. They gave the gift of desert rock to the world, yet it seems that no other band in the genre that I know of has surpassed them in any way. The grooves, the drive and the tones they possessed were mind-bending. That said, fuck Truckfighters (a lot of Kyuss lovers seem to be all over them). Those guys appeared to be the most arrogant, pretentious and annoying bastards I've ever seen playing a live show - a bunch of jumping douchebags that apparently can play only one variation of the same catchy riff. Seriously, fuck them with a stick! Ok, enough ranting! Who's talking? Oh, it's me. Anyways, here are a few desert rock records that are the SHIT! I hope you'll enjoy them as much as I did.

OTEHI - Noisy spirit

The production makes this album sound ape-shit crazy. Loved every second of it. The vocals seem a bit weird at moments, but hey, the dudes are Italian so cut them some slack.

EGYPT - Endless Flight

Probably one of the best artworks for an album cover on this one. What does it sound like? Well, like flying a jet through the desert so close to the ground that you barely miss the marvelous cacti, of course.

Valley Of The Sun - The Sayings Of The Seers

Too bad these guys turned sour after this release...