Wednesday, 25 October 2017

October is knock, knock, knocking on your coffin's door. Don't just lay there! Let it in!

October was quite generous anti-music wise:

  • Got to see the mighty Dragged Into Sunlight kill it live. The performance they put up was unwelcoming, emotionally disturbing yet very hypnotic and groovy. I would not recommend it to epileptics because of the intense flickering strobe lights and nearly unbearable volume - it would most definitely trigger an episode.  I, on the other hand, had the time of my life and even got one of my favorite all time releases on a vinyl. Last Sunday was a good day!
  • Long time dead UK sludgers released a new full length. You know who they are;
  • Denver's Primitive Man released Caustic and it sounds like as if you had a bucket-list with just one wish on it and that wish was being dead;
  • ALTARAGE released their long-awaited sophomore album Endinghent;
  • I found out about Mastiff. Thanks Steff!

So why is it called "anti-music"? Well, it does not sound very musical, my friend.

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