Thursday, 30 November 2017


The prefix "post" has become almost like an insult in the heavy music genre for the last couple of years. To be honest I don't know why. People tend to associate it with something negative. The repetitiveness gets attributed to lack of musicianship and the extensive buildup of the atmosphere to boredom. I have observed this "trend of hate" especially amongst people that got into the extreme metal fairly recently, and, who knows, maybe it will once grow on them and they will realize how wrong they were or maybe they won't. Either way, dig what you dig and don't get your taste be defined by other people's collective madness. 


This album is a meditative experience. It weighs you down with an introspective and repetitive motif and keeps you there for a considerate amount of time preparing you mentally for the last two tracks that will finally stir up your emotions. I did not really understand AMENRA before this release but this album resonated strongly with me and served as a gateway into their earlier works. Give it a shot, even if you're not a fan!

Sunrot - Sunnata

A sophisticated and very versatile release. Guitar tones are overdriven to the point of a abruption of electrical signal yet they somehow manage to sound defined, crunchy and succulent. Memorable riffs prove that Sunrot is not just yet-another-post-wankery band. Vocals don't avert main focus from the instrumentation and samples used in the passages between songs are both interesting and work as logical containers for different undertones of the release. Drumming taps into the primal and gets you grooving throughout the record. And, all of this goodness is snugged into fitting hairy production.

Verdict: without a doubt Sunnata is one of the best albums in the genre released this year. Throw some bucks their way!

Monday, 13 November 2017

The king is dead

With great pain in my heart I must say that the latest album "Wizard Bloody Wizard" by our deeply beloved Electric Wizard is insufferable. "Wicked Caresses" was the only decent track on the roster, "Mourning Of The Magicians" was tolerable, and "The Reaper" had a few moments on it. Other than that - unmemorable sour-o-bilia. I will now chug down a bottle of scotch, drink a handful of pills, cut my veins and slowly watch the light of this dying world fade. Our king has fallen! Let us not forget the good moments Wizard gave us, here's some Dopethrone for you.