Friday, 1 December 2017

The long-awaited EP by Eschatos

Probably my most awaited release this year since I have an emotional attachment to artists that are pushing the fringes of the genre in my homeland. This EP is one of the few testimonies that the ever-so-small Latvian extreme music scene is slowly but steadily waking up from its stagnated grave. Over the course of years Eschatos have become a force to reckon with even amongst the veteran bands. MÆRE is a breeze of fresh air, combining elements of mainstream and underground metal. Thoughtfully written song structures where balls out parts intertwine with atmosphere-building ambient bits are filled with haunting melodies, eerie female vocals, accentuated rhythm section and unusual blackish riffs that are rooted deeply in prog metal. The album itself feels like journey into a dream of despair. It drags you, pulls you sideways, feeds you its substance. I would definitely recommend this to the fans of Oathbreaker and Myrkur since some clear resemblances can be heard. All in all a very solid, dynamic and quality-built release. Thumbs up!

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