Friday, 2 March 2018

Track by track review of the debut LP by SIXES

It's been awhile since I've done an old-fashioned track by track album review. Yesterday I finally got my hands on the debut album by Sixes and it slays.

Acid God - The wretched cleanish intro worked very well for setting up the mood for the whole record. It was then followed by a very heavy yet meditative part that some people would call plod. I on the other hand would call it a careful atmosphere buildup for the rest of the album.
A Cross To Burn - This track has all that a growing sludge fan needs: slow riffs - check, sandy growling bass - check, claustrophobic drums - check,  feedback - check, filthy vocals reminiscent of Charlie Fell - check. I swear to gods that every time I hear the part where Stephen screams "A Cross To Burn", I immediately think of a part from Lord Mantis's song Body Choke where Fell goes: "Your Body Chokes". That song probably had some influence here.
Fogbreather - This one's one of my favorite pieces on the record. It is meat and potatoes, nothing fancy, no bells and whistles, it simply does the job right. The main riff will make you wanna raise your fist up, slowly headbang and do the "old man's jam". If I would have to describe the first association that the riff made in my head, then it would be dragging someone through thick mud. Slowly. By their hair. The harsh vocals are on the borderline between singing and nearly yelling (which comes off as awesome by my book).
Methistopheles - Ah the title track. Steady drone up to the 4th minute and that's when things get interesting. Out of the blue - a blackened riff! Madness! It then gets replaced by a full out animosity reminiscent of Primitive Man's Scorn! Unholy shit, what a ride!
Motherless serves as a calmer interlude between the insanity of Methistopheles and the final epic that is Voidkiller. I really enjoyed the "bluesy" bits here and there and the noisy ending. It kept the song fresh and the repetitive parts more interesting.
Voidkiller - The most dynamic track on the record and for sure my favorite one from the bunch. The calm beginning acts like a passage to the storm that's about to follow... 

Verdict: Sixes hit a home run with this release: it is diverse, it is interesting, it is dynamic, and it is heavy. The dirty tones made the hair stand up on the back of my neck. Methistopheles just might be one of the most memorable sludge records I've heard in a long while. A release worth revisiting over and over again. Definitely recommended to the fans of In The Company Of Serpents and Eagle Twin. Speaking of Eagle Twin, they just announced their new full length The Thundering Heard. Waiting for that one to be out in a month from now as well. Peace oot!