Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Goatworship: old school thrash 'n' roll

Where to start?!... Hellripper is just pure.fucking.awesomeness! If you like acts like CarnivoreGoatwhore and in the grand scheme of things Slayer, then this is gonna be right up your alley. If however for some obscure reason you don't like Slayer, I blame your parents and your upbringing, read no further. Unsubscribe. Possibly join the church of Scientology. 

The two releases mentioned above are probably some of the most profane and the most fun thrash records I've ever listened to. Each song here's a banger and is packed with:
  • 1000 miles an hour umca umca groove - check;
  • old school sound - check;
  • catchy and anthemic riffs - check;
  • actually enjoyable solo wankery - check;
  • frantic black metal vocals and lyrics composed of 500 words per 3 minute song - check;
  • Satanic imagery, blasphemy, goat references - check, check, check;
  • cowbell - check;

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