Monday, 8 October 2018

On pain and implants

Due to teeth grinding, jaw clenching, decay, a few extractions, numerous dentist visits and overall sensitive teeth  I've been on painkillers for the last month an half or so. The last five days, since getting one of my molars extracted, bone grafted and a dental implant (read screw) screwed into my skull, have been quite a ride. Ibuprofen has become somewhat of a "food supplement" of choice since I know that every 3-4 hours a duller pain will change into a much sharper, concentrated one that will accelerate from 0 to 100 in 400 milliseconds leaving me absolutely debilitated, wanting to scrape my way through my cheek into my jawbone using my bare hands and nails, extracting that foreign fucker without any kind of anaesthesia, with nothing more than my pocket knife and brute force. 

Now that I have ventilated a bit by being all special like a special snowflake that I am, it's time to wipe off that snot and man the fuck up. This one's dedicated to all the people experiencing any kind of physical pain at the moment. Scroll to the 23rd minute in the video.